Pop & Mes System

  • Point of Production (POP) is a system that directly collects and processes production information, which is generated from machinery, equipment, worker, and work in real time, and provides it to the field manager.
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a system that improves the efficiency of production management by taking production planning, work instruction, material requirement, production tracking, facility management, productivity and analysis.
Main Technology
  • Mold location management (RF Reader / RF-TAG)
  • Outsourcing molds Blanking management Mold life management (Mold code information management)
  • Preventive maintenance (wetness, cleaning, etc.)
  • Locate real-time mold using PDA (RF Reader) (Scan mold RF-TAG)
  • Entering the molds moved to the subcontractor (input from the subcontractor)