Auto Loader

The cyclone's dust collection enables long-term transportation of crushed materials.
  • In response to the increase in the rate of reduction of crushed materials with the increase of Engineering Plastics, the Cyclone Separator has been adopted to reduce dust load and reduce filter load.
  • As dust is concentrated from the cyclone separator, the filter is not blocked and efficient. Even when driving for a long time, the grinding material is transported without any loss of capacity.
  • The number of filter cleaning is also designed less than before.
  • Specially designed and manufactured impeller of ring blower, the noise is remarkably small, and the power is good because it increases the air volume and pressure.
  • Cyclone is made of stainless steel (SUS304), free of corrosion, and easy to exchange and clean.

Model Air Pressure
Air Quantity
Transport Capacity
Transport Hose
Suction Hose
ASL - 2 2700 4.2 250 38.1 50.8
ASL - 3 3400 5.2 350 50.8 50.8
ASL - 5 3500 6.5 500 50.8 63.5
ASL - 7.5 4000 9.5 700 50.8 63.5
ASL - 10 4500 12.5 850 63.5 76.2

Specifications of this product may change due to quality improvement.