The heater temperature controller (Hot Runner temperature controller) is designed to detect the signal of the thermocouple and control the amount of heater output by finely and precisely controlling the amount of AC output to heater by using PID control algorithm.
Here, the thermocouple is a sensor, and the type of sensor is K, J, E, N, S, B, R, P, T and PT. Two types of CA-K or IC-J type are used for mold and hot runner system.
The CA-K type is a chromel (+) pole and the (-) pole is an alumel alloy. The IC-J type is a copper (+) pole and the (-) pole is a copper nickel alloy.


Dry Hopper Early Preheating Device DRY-100

Preheating of dry hopper, temperature upper and lower limit, automatic check of filter replacement time, alarm alarm and early preheating system.
  • Can set time to exchange blower filter
  • Check the hopper temperature to make it easy to identify when an error occurs
  • Check lower limit value of raw materials and check abnormal alarm
  • Weekly timer function enables preheating
Main Function
  • Hopper temperature, filter change interval, material level lower limit alarm
  • 485 Communication Database Structure
  • Simple operation with LSC monitor


Mold Temperature Monitoring Device MS-4

It is the mold temperature monitoring device which is the basic base of full proof.
  • Able to alarm when mold and peripheral temperature is over
  • Small structure makes it easy for anyone to install
Main Function
  • Alarm function when trouble temperature is abnormal
  • RS485 communication function


Static Eliminator

It is a system that reduces the defects due to the adsorption of dust on the surface of injection molds and molds by removing the static products on the surface of the products and molds that are generated first (more than 20,000V).
  • Reduced cost due to manual / separate electrification equipment
  • Prevention of contamination by compressed air of conventional air system
  • Ion neutralization on product surface and mold surface
  • Instantaneous discharge function by beam method instead of conventional compressed air
  • Short cycle time (1 ~ 2 sec) does not affect cycle time
  • Elimination of static electricity to more than 95%

Neut: in Soft X-RAY

The X-ray has a wavelength of 10-2 to 10 nm in the electromagnetic wave and has a property of transmitting the substance well. In this X-ray region, X-rays with a wavelength of 10-2 to 10 nm are called soft X-rays because they are relatively easily absorbed by substances and have low permeability. Because the soft X-rays are absorbed by the air and have the property of ionizing the air, this feature is used to remove the static electricity.