Hot Runner Controller

It is a core technology designed to continuously inject the sprue and runner, which serve as the molten resin to fill the cavities in the plastic injection mold, by keeping it in the molten state by heating by proper method.
Main Technology
  • Applied touch TFT 2.4 LCD panel for the first time in Korea
  • Apply all error mark
  • Highly reliable hardware design
  • Accelerated and accurate AUTO TUNNING
  • If the heater is shorted, it`ll be detected or shorted, the power is cut off
  • Check the voltage and current supplied to the heater in real time and display
  • 485 communication is built in, and it is interlocked with injector / MES / SQ authentication Fool Proof
  • CE Certification
  • Sensor connection line is checked and marked. Automatic reverse function (Basic K / J separate option PT-100 / R / T)