• Computerized system that was managed manually by hand according to time of inspection of the initial products, middle time products and manufactured products convenient management and data by operator is easy to estimate LOT, minimizing defects due to real-time monitoring.
Main Technology
  • Establishment of linkage system of SPC system for customer's needs such as the beginning, middle, and manufactured products management system
  • Reduce defects and improve productivity through practical management of products.
  • 4M code management (week, night change, model change, worker change, etc.)
  • Management of examination history (measurement time, data, 4M reason inquiry)
  • Automatic notification function at the beginning, middle, and end of check time
  • Real-time monitoring (line, process, time-based)
  • Provides statistical analysis techniques such as general SPC management, process capability analysis
  • Complementary and further development based on business consultation