Andoon System

  • Andon system to refer to the information dashboards hung on the Toyota factory, or that you show each step and whether it acts as a lamp.
Main Technology
  • Production line operator can make simple radio calls for each person in charge (equipment / material / quality)
  • Rapid support to call production line by relevant personnel
  • Production no discontinued - only the call button is pressed, so production can continue
  • Equipment alarm information is automatically sent to the person with the message prompt action
  • Optimization of equipment management / production line management personnel
  • Analysis of necessary items such as equipment / production efficiency by DB of release / alarm data
  • Power control: Wireless remote power ON / OFF switch
  • Emergency Alert: Emergency Alert for Fire / Gas
  • Easy to install / expand / move / expand / maintain in existing business sites because wireless products do not require cables
  • Various wireless display devices can be applied according to usage (wireless status board, wireless beacon, wireless LED signboard)