Heat & Cool System

  • Heat & Cool system is a system developed to obtain maximum effect by using minimum energy in heating and cooling.
  • Unlike the conventional mold temperature control, the temperature of the mold is heated to a temperature higher than the heat deformation temperature for each cycle, and a series of products are taken out after cooling the product to the deformation temperature of the product after the injection.
  • It forms a process that minimizes the cycle time by cooperating with molds, molds, and injection signals of the injection machine. It also forms uniform surface density through rapid heating / rapid cooling to prevent the deformation of products and the effect of high gloss.
    (Mainly used for light guide plate, plastic memory device fuel cell bio-chip, etc.)
Main Technology
  • Cost savings through heating and cooling functions
  • Easy and convenient UI configuration
  • Product exterior surface, residual stress, shrinkage, releasability, dimensional stability, etc.
  • Produce products with the best quality in a short time
  • 484 Communication Database Structure