Auto Scale Weigh Color Mixer

  • This machine is an automatic mixing device that can mix 2 ~ 6 kinds of raw materials.
  • Ultra-precise mixing is possible with precise weighing based on the load cell equipped on the scale hopper.
  • The ability to mix, process and automate the central feeders is excellent.
  • Accumulated weighing in one weighing hopper.
  • Weighing accuracy is accurate within ± 0.01 to 0.02%.
  • There are two types of metering: screw weighing and automatic slide weighing.
  • After weighing, Agitator Mixing is performed in the Mixing Hopper.

Model Mixing Capa. (kg/Hr)
ALCM - 300 300
ALCM - 500 500
ALCM - 1000 1000

Specifications of this product may change due to quality improvement.